Mission Accomplished & CrossFit Training

Holy. Boot Camp.

I’m sure that most of you know that I have been complaining for weeks about never being sore anymore following  a workout. Even when I think I gave it 110% and tried something new and difficult, I never, ever seemed to hurt anymore! Granted, I don’t love being sore, but I love feeling like I did something good for myself and then of course there’s that whole no pain no gain thing, right?

Well, I don’t think you’ll be seeing any posts like that again until I’m at about ninety years old because today, just one day after day one of Boot Camp, I am so unbelievably sore I can barely move. I suppose this is a case of “careful what you wish for,” eh?

The class was actually a lot of fun (at the time). There was quite a wide range of ages and was definitely enough of a challenge to keep me on my toes. Even starting at 7:45 wasn’t too terrible. The class combined both cardio and strength exercises and incorporated a bunch of different training techniques in circuit-style. I think what ultimately killed me was the final 10-minute blip of ground-to-clouds with dumbbells that had burpees mixed in. Ten minutes of constant lifting broken up with nothing but The World’s Worst Cardio Move Ever: Burpees. Ouch! I could tell by about halfway through yesterday when my legs were already starting to feel like rubber that today would be painful.

Interestingly, come to find out, that last killer move was actually an adapted CrossFit move (did anyone know that ESPN & Reebok have “CrossFit Games“?? I never, ever, ever, ever watch ESPN. Ever. But ironically, today I somehow stumbled across the CrossFit Games which featured a bunch of crazy ripped people doing ridiculous things involving scary fitness contraptions.) I have heard of CrossFit in passing, but I’ve never really looked into what it was until today. Evidently it’s the system that many police academies and also divisions of the marines base their trainings on. It involves weights, cardio and lots and lots of intervals.

Granted, I do not plan to ever *actually* follow the CrossFit plan. It would probably kill me and also sounds pretty risky (although they do note that adapting the weights and reps makes the plan adaptable for everyone– even elderly participants), it did get me thinking about finding some sort of strength-training-ish program that I can actually follow along with that has scheduled workouts for each day. P90x is essentially that, but I wasn’t crazy about that system. As we all know, I also hate working out at home, so videos aren’t my first choice. But now I’m on the hunt! Ultimately, I’ll probably end up throwing my own plan together with different pieces from all of these programs, but hopefully my search will lead me to some good stuff. I just discovered the Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat blog today and there are some really great workouts there. A lot of them sound very challenging, but are also entirely do-able and not too complicated at all which is a definite plus.  I’ve definitely decided that I want to spend the fall doing mostly strength and total-body workouts instead of strictly running. My plan is to begin training for a half-marathon in early 2013, so that gives me a few months of wiggle room. I’ll definitely have to keep a few running days in the schedule so I don’t lose the base I built up with the 5k training!

So overall, I definitely enjoyed Boot Camp, but that’s only once a week. I must say, it is entirely possible that it will take an entire week for me to re-gain normal functioning in my legs and back again from this week, but once I’m able to walk again, I’ll be excited to test out some new routines.

In other news, I’ve also picked right back up on the healthy eating. Although today I made a batch of my favorite wheat and peanut butter bites, but ate about 4 too many of those. 😛

Apologies for the lack of a post last night! We had company from out of town mixed in with a special town event for work and the night got away from me very quickly!

Until tomorrow…

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