ALRIGHT, WORDPRESS. Someone’s got some ‘splainin to do. I just spent about 40 minutes writing a post. I posted it, went back to update it because I forgot the tags and POOF. It was gone! Never to be seen again. Not in the trash, not in drafts, not in published posts. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ehem. Anyway, now I’m going to have to shorten things and give you the cliffs notes version of what I had before because it’s time for me to get to bed! Why? Because briiiight and early tomorrow morning, I have BOOT CAMP! I’m so excited and this class couldn’t possibly come at a better time! I seem to have reached the point in this kick (which has just completed day EIGHTY FIVE!!!) where things are just sort of clunking along. This is the part in the game where typically, if it weren’t for a captive audience of blog-readers, life goals and also a lovely little fitness bucket list, I’d start to replace daily meals with donuts and cookies. But not this time.

Over the course of the last week, I’ve had a few minor digressions. A cookie here or donut there. Nothing too outrageous, but I know how these things happen! I get too comfortable with my progress and once I’m finally happy, I let things go because I can “afford” to. Wrong-o! I fall hard. This is a particularly precarious time for a few reasons:

  • Goal = ACCOMPLISHED. Finishing my first 5k meant the end of my training program. It also meant that my number one goal had been reached. That leaves the famous question of “now what?”
  • Kitchen = DRY. If you’ve been reading along, you know that a flustering scare with my pup pup made this week a little hectic. I haven’t been going out much and in the meanwhile, my reserves of culinary staples has run very, very low. No English muffins, no coconut, no oatmeal. Nonsense.
  • Expired gym pass. No more unlimited access to my gym. Now that I won’t feel like I’m throwing money out of the window every day that I don’t go, I don’t go!

Anyway, I don’t plan to let any of these things actually keep me down. Even though I have a few months coming up sans training, that won’t last for too long, because you wanna know what takes a heck of a lot longer to train for than a 5k? A half marathon 😉

So I leave you with this bit of inspiration that comes in the form of a presidential quote. (Fitting, given that it’s election season!)


(that picture took about 4,000 tries to load for some reason. I’m just having struggle after struggle here tonight!)

Goodnight all!


Some other sites that might strike your fancy…

  • For zillions of DELICIOUS, healthful recipes with GORGEOUS photographs, check out Gina’s Skinnytaste blog:
  • One of my very favorite magazines, Fitness Magazine has a fantastic website full of workouts, recipes and also random life-ish articles:
  • Annnnd, in case you too, have been bitten by the racing bug, this website is the best way to find events in your area! Also includes online registration where applicable. Very handy! :

1 thought on “Reigniting.

  1. Mmmm donuts 🙂 :). It’s ok to have some once in a while, just stay on track like what you’ve been doing and it won’t be a problem. Have fun with boot camp 🙂

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