Busting Out the Workout Mat

Unfortunately (for many, MANY reasons) this situation with my lovely little doggy has made it very difficult for me to leave the house and whenever I do, even for work, I feel like a guilty fool. Needless to say, I’ll be missing out on the last few days of my gym membership, but that’s just fine with me. As I said earlier today, life happens! Also, that month pass certainly did it’s initial job of forcing me to get ready for the 5k, so I’m plenty pleased about that.

Luckily, today I decided to hit the mat anyway right here at home. As I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t like working out at home. I’m not entirely sure why this is true, but I think it might be something similar to the way that I could never study effectively at home. Only for exercising, it’s even trickier because I don’t have any designated space for weights/ video-watching/ jumping. Either which way, today I did the No More Trouble Zones video segments that focused on the core and abs. Additionally, I was very excited to test out a new arm/ shoulder workout that I just got today! We will see tomorrow if these killer moves finally did the job of making me sore like I used to be!

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be a new recipe that I found on Pinterest last week that was a Farmer’s Market Skillet dish. It includes tons of vegetables (which we all know I typically don’t eat enough of), but also incorporates enough savory flavors to keep my interest. Maybe that will happen tomorrow, because tonight I didn’t have much of an appetite for anything special, so chicken and potatoes it was. Boring and simple.

Today’s quote comes from the one and only, Mark Twain.


A very fitting quote for many different things.

G’night all.


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