Happy Labor Day!

Holy goodness friends, I am TIRED! This has been going on for a few days now and I’ve had quite enough! At first I thought it might be from the famous 5k, but I actually think it started before that. I’m wondering if it might be because I haven’t been eating my normal staples that involve foods that are slightly more nutritious than pie and restaurant fare. Let’s hope that’s it!

Anyway, the show must go on! Happy Labor Day! (Also, Happy National Yoga Month!)

As you all know, I’ve been reeling for quite some time over the lack of school in my life that will start this fall. The timer is going off! I should be in a dorm room! I should be spending my days roaming between work and class and my nights holding club meetings and trying to pretend that campus food isn’t all that bad. But no, that is not what this fall will be at all, so I better get used to it! Labor Day has come and (almost) gone, the kiddos will be headed back to school tomorrow (which means that the most frequently asked question at work will now go a little something like this: “Shouldn’t you be in school instead of working?”–as much as I DESPISE this question that I get 200 times a day from customers, I do get a kick out of telling them that I’ve actually graduated. It’s even more fun when the conversation progresses to “Oh! Good for you! ….but no college ???!” When I inform them that I’ve also graduated from college, they usually just get sheepish looks on their faces and move right along.) It’s been a great summer with the perfect balance of work and friends and family. Hello, September. So long summer!

FitnessI decided that if I have any intentions whatsoever of maintaing an organized, effective workout regime now that my 5k training is over, I better start planning. I am definitely a planner. I love calendars and lists and schedules and I do very well with that sort of organization. Earlier today, I started crafting the next month of workouts! I’ve never planned it out like this, but I think it will prove to be quuuuuite effective. It’s a work in progress and I’m sure I won’t stick to it 100%, but here’s what I have so far:

In other news, there’s not much new in the life of 5ks and Coffee Beans today either. My sister is headed back home tonight which is a definite bummer! It’s been so nice having her around for the week. Every time she leaves I find myself wishing more and more that she lived just a little closer! Also, I’ve been doing some research on possible certification programs for various training/teaching/instructing positions, but there is SO much out there it can get to be quite overwhelming! It’s just like choosing a college! (Only not really at all…)

Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to pass along an interesting run-down of sweetener options that I stumbled across today. As a coffee FANATIC, I have often wondered if it’s worth swapping out the couple of teaspoons of sugar I put in my cup for some alternative. I’ve also been curious about the differences between all of the options and I’ve never been able to get a straight answer on what sugary chemical is what, which ones are bad and whether or not it’s really worth the trouble until I found this article! Extremely informative!

Also, two quick blog-related updates for you…

1) 5ksandcoffeebeans is now on Twitter! Click the button to the right to follow my Tweets!

2) Chobani yogurt “favorited” one of my Tweets! Haha. So exciting!

See y’all tomorrow!

1 thought on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. It’s priceless when people get that sheepish look on their faces when you say you’ve graduated from high school and college! Some people should just mind their own business, lol.

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