Marshmallows On Fire

Howdy y’all!

Tonight’s post is a short one indeed because of a very special visitor.

As I mentioned earlier, 5ks and Coffee Beans hit the road this week! And today a very special visitor came to play! One of very best friends from college came up for the night!! So excited to see her again after a summer apart. (I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about Katie as we jump on the Struggle Bus to Boot Camp starting very soon!!!)

Anyway, as I sat beside the fire tonight roasting marshmallows, but also trying desperately to capture the memories on camera, I realized that no matter how hard I try I’ll never be able to capture the real meaning behind the important things. Spending time with family, escaping from real life for just a few days and getting to make memories with great friends. So yes, my camera did make me look like an axe murderer in 95% of the shots we took tonight, but that’s not at all what matters. So instead of a million and a half pictures of my breakfast, lunch, dinner and dumbbells, I leave with a simple request to just enjoy the last few days of “summer” (labor day is just around the corner!)

Race day is just around the corner so let’s hope those s’mores don’t catch up to me too quickly 😉

See you all tomorrow!

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