Forgetfulness and Active Heart Rate


As I mentioned last night, I found a cool article on the Shape website that had 20 of the “Best Ab Exercises of All Time” and I was instantly intrigued. (You can find it here if you’re interested!) So late last night as I was waiting for my sister to arrive (yay!) I copied down the  exercises and planned to take them to the gym with me this morning.

This morning as I reviewed my outline, I laughed to myself at these ridiculous diagrams I drew. It was very, very late and I didn’t trust myself to remember how to do each move! (Also, am I the only one who needs to read through the descriptions of workout moves 4 million times before I fully grasp how to do it? Videos are SO much easier to follow along with! I love these little picture tutorials, but they’re definitely not conducive to easy-learning!)

Shape Best Ab Moves Ever (Do you see my exceptionally helpful pictures? Who wouldn’t understand those?!)


I didn’t end up doing each move and definitely didn’t do three reps of each, but I’m excited to try it again soon!

Now, for some serious business. I am currently trying to determine whether or not the fact that my active heart rate/ heart rate when exercising seems to be quite high. I’m not too terribly concerned as I know my resting heart rate is perfectly normal, actually even better than normal, but I’m still puzzled! I’ve always known about the whole “Target Heart Rate” equation (thank you, high school P.E.), and I also found a bunch of things online about heart rate, but who KNOWS how factual that stuff is. Also, you can only put so much stock in those nifty heart-rate monitors that are built in on cardio machines. I’m hoping that I’m just one of those random people whose heart rate jumps during exercise, but somehow remains perfectly normal at rest. If not, we’ve got trouble in paradise. I suppose I’ll just keep an eye on it for now! The good news is, I never ever feel like I’m on the brink of death when I workout and it always goes back to normal very, very quickly.

Anyway, today was filled with lots of running around and traveling, so not much to update for now. So TTFN and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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