A Gym-in-a-Box!

Apparently, my defeat of the 3.5 miles yesterday did something funky to my hip so I decided to take a one-day vacation from Workoutland. I’m thinking a laid-back, after-dinner walk might be just what the doctor ordered though!

Smoothie-less Sunday: In other news, a while back, I found a recipe online for a key lime smoothie. It involved key lime yogurt (my FAVORITE flavor), graham cracker crumbs, protein powder and a couple of other delicious things. The base of it was frozen banana (which apparently is a thing now! I noticed in the grocery store the other day that there is actually an “ice cream maker” that makes “soft serve” out of nothing more than two frozen bananas. Who knew!?) Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this just about all week and planned to have it after work today, BUT silly me forgot to freeze the bananas. Ergo, no smoothie for me.

…So. Time for key lime PIE instead? Wait, what!? Who said that?!??

Preparing to be GYM-LESS:  That’s right guys, for a few days, I will be completely gym-less! So what does that mean? Time to pack up my very own gym-in-a-box. Granted, it doesn’t hold a candle to an actual gym, BUT it’ll have to do!



Gym Box!

Jillian… a medicine ball, yoga mat, couple of dumbbells. We’ll see what happens!

Feeding the Birds: Today also happened to be the day for an outing with my mentee friend. I didn’t have a ton of time today, but we decided to hit up the park and feed the ducks pigeons. There is this cute little shop near the park that sells bags of cracked corn to feed the MILLIONS of ducks that hang out there. However, my buddy decided to take the road less traveled and fed the birds/ pigeons/ robins instead. Granted, it was thoughtful (she insisted that everyone else ignored them so they must be MUCH hungrier than the ducks), but I felt a little ridiculous 😛

I am also quite sure that the lovely bike-riders didn’t much enjoy the 2 billion birds flocking the sidewalks! Either which way, it was definitely a successful outing, even though it was about 104 degrees out!

Duks in the water

Ducks leaving…they were quite insulted.

Annnnnd here come the birds. This is about 1/40 of how many were there by the end of the FIFTH bag of food.

Anyway, Happy Sunday! I will see you again later tonight. For now, I think I’ll go find a way to make the freezer work a little faster.


2 thoughts on “A Gym-in-a-Box!

  1. Haha, that’s so sweet feeding the pigeons since a lot of people ignore them. You’ll have to let us know in your next post how the smoothie tastes when you get to make it. 🙂

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