Full Distance = TACKLED


Workout : OK. First thing’s first. This morning, bright and early I tackled the full 3.1 (plus some!) for the first time! Granted, it was a treadmill and my pace was quite slow, but I DID IT! In exactly one week I will have a shiny new race bib and a 5k under my hat. Hellllooooooo Fitness Bucket List. What will be next !?

My motto today when I was convinced I was dying around mile 2.8? This little gem from Pinterest:



It’s quite interesting what a mantra and some feisty music can do for you!

I Want to Teach!! : Right now, I am in the process of figuring out the best way to go about getting certified to teach some fitness classes! Ultimately, I would love to get that personal training certification, but for the time being I think becoming a fitness instructor may be the most feasible option (both financially and time-wise!) From the looks of it, it seems like you can choose which classes you want to teach. There are cardio ones, dance ones, self-defense ones (stretching back to my dojo days!), strength ones….everything imaginable! Unfortunately you have to pay for each separate certification so this is an important decision! As it turns out, I also need to be re-certified in CPR (apparently that class I took in high school health class doesn’t last forever 😛 ). If I end up being chosen for the running program, they will cover the cost of the CPR/ first-aid class which would be very handy, but we will have to wait and see about that!

Recipe ChallengeAlright, I have a new plan to introduce! So far, I have been throwing a few recipes at you randomly whenever I saw it fitting. However, there was rarely any rhyme or reason to what I posted! To get some consistency going (and also to have a way of forcing myself to try some new recipes and also continuing to push myself to be a better cook), I will be starting monthly cooking themes. Every week (or more frequently, if things go well), I will be providing recipes that have some sort of cohesive theme! Maybe seasonal, maybe revolving around some kitchen tool (grill? blender?) or maybe something totally different that will come to me later! I’m thinking this will be on Sundays each week. So check back tomorrow for a random recipe, but also the introduction of next month’s theme! (Can you believe it’s already almost September!?!) So now, in addition to the random recipe posts throughout the week, you can also check out the sunday specialty!

Alright guys, I think that’s it for today! I will see you all tomorrow.


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