Will Power is Getting Stronger, Hopefully I am Too!

Today’s workout definitely wasn’t what I planned for it to be! Originally, I was going to head to the gym bright and early this morning to knock one more Couch-to-5k run off of the list, but that just didn’t happen! I had a million errands to run this morning before work, and I clearly didn’t get started early enough.

I did, however, make a return to one of my old faves this evening. Good ‘ole Jillian! It has actually been a very long time since I’ve popped in one of those DVDs, but by the time I got home tonight, it was just the right thing! I went for the No More Trouble Zones and did all of the circuits that worked arms and abs. It ended up being about 30 minutes when I was all done and I was feeling the burn 110%.

Somewhere around the Superman/Hollowman section of the workout, I realized something. Even though I often talk about never feeling sore or wondering if a workout has done any good at all, I have realized that my will power really is getting stronger. About three months ago, my go-to snack at work would be a cookie the size of plate covered in peanut butter cups. Now, I have pretty much re-wired my brain to go for a banana the second my inner-Cookie Monster creeps up on me. I definitely don’t make it to the gym seven days a week, but I’d say at least five is pretty typical. (The last time I bought a month pass for this gym, I used it exactly…zero times.)

I have gotten to a point where I totally trust my choices and I know that I won’t jump off the chicken-wing-and-easy-mac deep end again any time soon!

Today, I got an e-mail from the lovely people hosting the 5k (it’s just about a week away!) I actually made a goal for myself and stuck to it which doesn’t typically happen in my fitness world. I’m often a whole lot of talk and very rarely any action. So even though it’s only three miles, they’re three very symbolic miles and I couldn’t be more excited. Look out racers, here comes Brittany!

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