Time Flies!

WHERE does the time go!? I still have about 2 million things on the to-do list for today and not much time left in the night! Anyway, a very short post today. I’ll cut it down to three things!

1. Workout: 12 minutes treadmill, 12 minutes racing bike + arm routine in the scary weight room (I think I saw this guy in there…) (Also, once again I seem to have tapped out my arm workout, it doesn’t cause quite as much pain as it used to and that isn’t usually a good thing! I like to feel the burn the next day. If any of you have any killer arm workouts, I’d love to hear about them!)

2. I am ABSOLUTELY the BIGGEST nutrition supplement wuss ever. I just CAN’T stomach straight up protein powder (like when it’s mixed with just water.) For the sake of calories, I tried to drink just the powder + water tonight and could NOT do it. Instead I ended up with a fantastic smoothie instead. Any other tips for incorporating protein supplements into a daily diet/ post-workout snack that don’t involve plain water would be muchly appreciated.)

3. Also this…

Cardio donut shop Haha this is EXACTLY how I felt by the end of my shift tonight. Fortunately, I managed to drag my sorry keister to the gym *instead* of Dunkin Donuts, but it took all of the will power I could POSSIBLY muster.

See ya tomorrow!



1 thought on “Time Flies!

  1. I think just having the protein powder mixed with smoothies is fine, I think I would throw up if I drank it with just water, lol. I love Dunkin Donuts, you just reminded me that I need to see if they have one here in Blacksburg, VA 🙂 🙂

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