Day Off = Pancakes, Turkey Vultures & Novacaine

That’s right guys, pancakes, turkey vultures AND Novacaine. All in one day. Let’s get down to business. (For those of you who only read this for the workout updates, I’ve made it nice and easy for you to scroll down to that section 😉 )


I LOVE pancakes. Any kind of pancakes, any time of day. Today, since I had some time free time this morning, I decided to make some oatmeal pancakes and they were quite delicious, if I do say so myself. (MUCH better than the lemon-blueberry-quinoa-pancake-mishap of LAST week.)

Oatmeal Pancakes This is the recipe I followed. It was a combination of about four different recipes I found… here’s what I ended up with:

Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

They were delicious AND filling! A double win.

Turkey Vultures 

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no ornithologist, but today on my way home from the dentist, a GIGANTIC, RED-HEADED, ENORMOUS-WING-SPAN TURKEY VULTURE skulked in front of my car. That’s right, a turkey vulture. It was TERRIFYING and the size of a small dinosaur. I have photographic proof so when people like my own mother doubt the validity of my bird sightings/ question whether or not I know what the heck I’m talking about, I can whip this baby out:

After he crossed in front of the car. Doesn’t look gigantic, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.


I know that all of you dear readers who pursue each post carefully have been DYING to find out how my dentist appointment went today. Well, in true Brittany style, evidently the cavity was much deeper than they originally thought it was. The dentist left me with this little gem, ” I think you should be all set now! It was very deep, so if it continues to hurt after this week, a root canal may be necessary. But let’s hope not!”

Gee thanks, doc. This seems to be a trend with my teeth! They’ll be perfectly fine at one visit and then BAM. There’s a cavity the size of a crater. Also, I didn’t have a single cavity until I was twenty years old and that one DID end up needing a root canal! Sheesh. So much dental drama!

The filling was pretty uneventful, aside from the part where the Novacaine hadn’t taken full effect when he first started drilling (gaaah $%@^#!@ ouch.) annnnd it took about 2 million years to wear off. I was quite cranky and tired by the time I got home.

And now for the good stuff that you’ve all been waiting for!


There was a brief window this afternoon after the dentist where I considered totally skipping the workout again today, BUT my better judgment took over and by about 9 I was totally in the zone again so I headed to the gym where I completed the SINGLE most intense treadmill workout that I have ever, ever attempted. It actually maxes out the incline on the treadmill by the end and burns more than 300 calories in less than half an hour! After that, I powered through an ab workout that I found in an old issue of shape and left the gym happy as a lark at 9:59. Exactly one minute before they would have kicked me out 😉 All day long, I had big plans for a pumpkin smoothie at some point today, but by the time I got home, I didn’t feel like making it and it would have been too many calories for my liking anyway (dinner was a little on the naughty side!). So instead, I finally had a serving of the Beachbody p90x  Results and Recovery drink that a friend gave me in a protein-powder-for-recovery-drink-swap-out. It was actually quite tasty.

For some reason, today as I was huffing and puffing on the treadmill and trying *desperately* to convince myself that I could make it through, my thoughts shifted to the fact that workouts like tonight’s would really help me out if I were ever caught in the wild and had to run away from a crocodile, or a python or insert name of some other terrifying creature here. True? Sure. Normal thought? Not at all.

Also, HERE is the incline workout. The inclines go up as the mph goes down. The nice part is that every minute, you’re switching things up so as soon as you think you couldn’t possibly go on, you get to change!  I found this online a while back on another fitness blog (or possibly Pinterest?). PLEASE REMEMBER: I did NOT create this workout. I am NOT a certified personal trainer/ dietitian/ exercise physiologist/ cardiologist/ psychologist/ornithologist. I do NOT ENCOURAGE THE USE OF THIS WORKOUT, rather I am just *sharing* with *you* what *I* did tonight. User discretion is advised. (If you DO decide to try it at some point in your life, you can always tweak the incline level/ mph to make it just right for you!)

You’re pretty cool people. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

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