RESILIENCE! (And How the Highest Calorie Food in NYS Almost Wrecked Me…)

Good news friends! This morning, I sprung out of bed at 8, headed to the gym and did the FULL 30 minute Couch-to-5k run for today, came back home and made it through a killer ab routine (has anyone tried leg lifts with a weighted ball? I tried it today, but unfortunately the only medicine ball I have is EIGHT pounds. It nearly killed me.) Anyway, for those of you who read yesterday’s post, you’ll be happy to know things were much brighter THIS morning 😉

But that lead to a realization. Could it be the fact that I attempted this “long” run outside yesterday that was slowing me down so much!? I sure hope not, because that would be very sad and also would NOT bode well for the upcoming race (although I’m VERY glad I went for a very short race with no time chips. Very laid back.)

So realization part 2 involves a confession (ha. I see a theme cropping up here…). Two nights ago, I partook in the consumption of THE HIGHEST CALORIE FOOD IN NEW YORK STATE. That’s right kids, a garbage plate. And the worst part about it is that this is the SECOND time I’ve done that this summer! Granted, I only ate a FRACTION of it, and it had a grilled cheese, salad and french fries (really not a heck of a lot more than a typical fast-food dinner), but something about just feels…dirtier. (Perhaps the fact that it’s called a Garbage. Plate ???) Annnnyway, what IF the reason I had such a strugglefest of a morning yesterday was because the plate was busily clogging my arteries, confusing my brain and slowing down my limbs! Entirely possible.

They look happy enough for all of us!

All of this started one night when we tried to go to a trivia night downtown. We ended up getting there much too late (apparently all of the *real* nerds get there early to make sure they can get seats and answer cards. We still have some work to do…) anyway, when they discovered that I had never had a garbage plate, they were outraged and we immediately went to correct that. Both of these girls are leaving town very, very soon so it seemed fitting to revisit the scene before they left which is how I landed there THIS time. I must say, it was actually quite tasty, but I’d say twice a year is MORE than enough!

On a healthier note, I’ve gotten a few questions about chia seeds. a) yes, those *are* the things that you spread on your terra cotta Scooby Doo when you were a kid to make him grow hair b) yes, they are edible c) no they don’t have any flavor really! and d) the texture is actually a little bizarre. They’re about the size of sesame seeds and when they meet any sort of moisture (like yogurt, which is where I usually put them), they form almost a gel-like coating. I’m not really sure where I first heard about them, but it’s sort of a new super food/ health-kick thing that is cropping up in stores now! (Although they aren’t really new. According to the back of this package (I have the Spectrum Essentials brands), they’ve been used for health since prehistoric times…) Again, as I’ve said time and time again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a dietician, a personal trainer, an ANYTHING, really. Before you start adding any weird supplements to your diet, you should always talk to someone who knows a thing or two and adding weird supplements to your diet! (i.e.: a health professional!) Evidently they are a good source of Omega-3 (the stuff in healthy fish) and Fiber. Interesting, eh?

I will “see” you all again tonight!

PS: I love how the picture of the chia seeds in yogurt is 40 times bigger than the one of me and my friends…I’ll figure this picture-sizing thing out someday  😉

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