Group Exercise Classes

Tonight I thought about going back to the gym to squeeze in another workout, but I figured I might as well leave well enough alone and not push it. Instead, I decided to stay home and work on that application for the volunteer program that I’ve been talking about forever! I don’t know what my issue is… I love writing and I’m super excited about this program, but I just can’t seem to come up with decent responses! Grrrrr.

In other news, I officially decided to sign up for a group exercise class this fall. As it turns out, I am definitely the kind of person who needs a specific time/ destination to make myself actually commit to getting my exercise in. I wish I had a place to dedicate to a sort of home-gym, but I don’t. After purchasing a month pass for my local rec. center, I’ve come to realize how much they have to offer. Including a totally packed group exercise class schedule! Apparently, you can take any class you want as a drop-in, but I wanted a weekly one too that I will stick with. I’ve done just about every sort of class under the sun (my dojo offered some great group classes as well. My personal favorite was always his kickboxing class which I swear probably burned 1,500 calorie per minute!) So here are the finalists:

  • Spinning (An indoor bicycling class simulating hills and other intimidating things!)
  • Boot Camp (“Back to basics exercise class including cardio, interval and weight training to get you into the fighting shape you want”)
  • Pi-Yo (A combo deal of yoga and pilates complete with resistance training at the end of each class)

Right now I’m leaning towards the boot camp! I’ve always wanted to try a boot camp class so maybe now is the time. Only problem is that it’s at 6 am. BUT I actually kind of like that. It’s just once a week and I’m so used to working and going to school and doing my volunteer programs and pulling all-nighters and being a crazy person that I think that forcing myself to wake up early one day a week might actually be a relief compared to all of that stuff that I’m used to in a typical fall! We will see.

Question for you! If YOU were going to take a group fitness class, what would it be? Cardio circuits? Pilates? Yoga? Boot Camp? Kickboxing? OR, if you’re an old pro, what are your favorites? (Use the comments section! At least until I get the poll plugin up and running 😉 )

4 thoughts on “Group Exercise Classes

  1. That one time I went to boot camp (haha…) it was pretty kick ass. Enough so that I felt whipped into shape forever and never had to go back.

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