Somehow, yesterday I managed to slink off to work once again without my early morning workout! But it’s ok, because all morning long I was planning what I’d do when I got home. A circuit workout seemed like just the answer. It was pretty quick, but also incredibly challenging! I love quick workouts that leave you huffing and puffing and hating yourself for deciding to start them. Yesterday’s circuit was a brutal cardio-ab combination that I found online one day. That got me thinking about how my workout pal and I always used to make up our own circuits which was actually pretty fun, but I never really do that anymore! For my own benefit (and now yours) I put together a list of all of the moves we used to combine. Below I posted that list and the pattern we used to use to make up the workouts. Try it out for yourself!

[PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a personal trainer. I also DO NOT have any experience customizing workouts. I do know what works for me, what I find challenging and what I’ve passed along to friends, but only YOU know what you can do and what is safe and comfortable for you so PLEASE take it slowly at first. It’s much easier to work up to more reps./ longer hold-times. It’s a whole lot easier than recovering from an injury!] 

Pointers on making your own circuit workout! 

So here is the little cheat sheet I use to help me easily revamp my circuit workouts and shake things up a little from day to day. Here’s how it works!

  • List 1 = Cardio spurts. Choose 4 moves per circuit and do each for 30 second
  • List 2 = Ab moves to be repeated 15-20 times each
  • List 3 = Ab/ Arm moves that should be held for 30 seconds each
  • To make a challenging, customized circuit workout, make 4 combinations
  • Combo 1: choose 4 moves from List 1
  • Combo 2: choose 4 moves from List 3
  • Combo 3: choose 4 moves from List 1
  • Combo 4: choose 4 moves from List 2
  • Do two repeats of each combo. Once you make it to the end of combo 4, do the whole thing over again!

*Note # 2:  “Crunchy Frog” is a move from the p90x Ab Ripper DVD. There are many demo videos on youtube if you’re unsure of how to do this one! Again, it’s a p90x move and a p90x name. I take ZERO credit. None at all. (Haha, so many disclaimers! 😛 )

2 thoughts on “Circuitry

  1. When I first saw the title, I thought you would end up saying something about physics, lol. Good thing you didn’t because I would have died at my computer haha. Crunchy frog sounds like a yoga move 🙂

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