A Very Rocky Start to an Otherwise Lovely Day.

Well friends, it’s bound to happen. Sometimes even your BEST laid workout plans completely fail and you feel like a fool, give up and go back to bed   move on with your day and hope things run smoother tomorrow.

So this is how I *planned* for this morning to go: I would wake up at 8, head to the gym for an hour or so (just enough time for my Couch-to-5k run for the day and hopefully squeeze in some legs and arms). Then I figured I’d get ready for the day, head to Starbucks and work on my responses for an application for a little while before work which wasn’t until 1:30. Sounds fantastic, right?

Well here’s what actually happened. I woke up at 8 (got that part right). Got alllllll ready for the gym and went to head out the door. But wait. Where were my keys? NO WHERE to be found. Searched high and low, called my mother at work after convincing myself that they were in her car (which wouldn’t have helped me a stitch anyway because she works about half an hour away). Decided to just run around the block instead. (Planned run = 25 minutes long, Brittany’s run = 6.5 minutes long (at a staggering .0005 mph pace with flailing arms and bad posture)…legs hurt, arms hurt, soul hurt, life hurt. Came home ENTIRELY annoyed. Many minutes later, FINALLY located the AWOL keys, made it to the gym, jumped on the elliptical with an interval workout in hand. Couldn’t for the LIFE of me get the SPM (strides per minute) up to the suggested pace, felt like a failure. Finally made it back home and decided to call it a quits for the day.

On the bright side, the elliptical still assured me that I had burned about 350 calories which is promising. Also, it seems highly unlikely that TWO workout mornings in a row could *possibly* go that wrong (so things are looking up for tomorrow!)

On the other bright side, the breakfast I had when I returned was quite a treat. Vanilla greek yogurt with chia seeds and a crumbled peanut butter cookie on top. (Although, might I point out that on my way home from the gym this morning, I stopped at the grocery store to grab a couple of Chobani yogurt cups ONLY TO LEARN THAT the local Chobani supply is very, very short. Evidently the Chobani people decided to open a new, closer plant, but it didn’t open in time to supply the ENDLESS DEMAND fueled by Chobani’s sponsorship of the Olympics! Very sad. I KNEW CHOBANI BEFORE IT WAS A FAMOUS. I had to resort to Brand X, but even despite my complaining, it was very delicious 😉 )

So moral of today’s story my dear readers. Sometimes workouts suck. Sometimes MORNINGS suck! They don’t go the right way, everything feels wrong and you can’t find your keys. Give yourself a break and don’t let it muddy up your day. As it turned out, the weather was lovely and I had a perfectly nice day at work so all is well that ends well.

Until tomorrow…

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