Guess what tomorrow is, dear readers. It’s the first day of BOOT CAMP. I expect tomorrow’s post to include the word “push-up” and the phrase “what was I thinking” quite a bit. 😉

I must say, the first day of this class couldn’t possibly come at a better time, because my health kick was starting to fizzle! I’ve reached that point in my “diet”/ “kick”/ “mission” where things just kind of clunk along. Granted, I have ZERO intention of going back to the free-for-all style of eating and not-exercising which is what initially started this whole thing, but I could see myself starting to slip.

I’ve said it before, there comes a point where I start to get just a little too comfortable with my progress and I start to take itty bitty teeny tiny baby steps in the wrong direction. Usually, without the captive audience of readers, these digressions become more frequent and eventually I end up riiiight back where I started. Not this time. It is time to reignite the fire that I started this kick with so that instead of sitting pretty right where I am and being content with being what I was before, I’m going to push myself harder than ever so that I can be better and stronger than ever before instead.  

So, why the slump? I think I know exactly why…

  • The Big Day has come and gone. I wanted to run my first 5k this summer and I wanted to give it my all. I did both of those things. The end of the race also meant the end of being so strict with myself and also the end of training. What next?!
  • Kitchen’s bare. I have NONE of my staples on hand. The simplest things have escaped me. My English muffins for example (I eat at least one of these a day. I’m crazy addicted!) It sounds SO. STUPID. But when my staple foods are missing, you know what jumps in their place real fast? Cookies. Can’t let that happen.
  • Bye, bye gym. Remember how I said my gym membership expired? Well, now that I don’t feel like I’m throwing money out of the window every day that I don’t go, I *don’t* go.

So that’s it. Tomorrow is the day that Boot Camp starts. It’s also the day that I go grocery shopping. No more slipping down that infamously steep slope.

I hereby declare Operation Fitness BACK ON. A few months of random exercising and just doing whatever the heck I feel like doing will be fun. Especially when I get busier and work. But within just a few short months, it’ll be time to hit the training regime again because guess what takes a heck of a lot longer to train for than a 5k? A half marathon! 😉

So for today, I leave you with the daily motivation that comes in the form of a presidential quote. Perfectly fitting given that it’s election season and all (if you’re into that sort of thing…)

G’night all! Wish my luck at BOOT CAMP. :-O

Some other sites that might strike your fancy…

  • How about some wonderfully delicious recipes with GORGEOUS photos from Gina?
  • My favorite source for fitness-realted articles and also some great workouts.
  • Interested in running a race of your own? Find events in your area (or the area you want to run in!) on this website. So many interesting races in SO many places!

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